Congratulations on the purchase of your new Deck Armour premium designer boat flooring. We know you will love the complete experience that our flooring system offers. Not only does it look good, it performs exceptionally.

To achieve the best performance out of your new Deck Armour floor, you must read and fully understand the following information.


Step One

For general cleaning, use low pressure water to hose down the Deck Armour, then use a medium bristle deck brush & warm soapy water, working in a forward & back motion to clean the surface. Rinse off all soapy residue from the deck with water. The detergent or soap product must be non-acidic.

Step Two

For harder stains like fish blood, squid ink & sunscreen lotion etc… If after trying step one, you find additional cleaning is required, please do the following. While the Deck Armour is still wet, spray the affected area with a small amount of spray-on degreaser. Then using your fingers, work the area in a circular motion until the stain starts to lift.

Step Three

Then use the deck brush again & rinse well with water. Repeat if necessary. Degreaser should only be used to spot clean with, not as a general cleaning solution.

Preventative measures are wise to reduce cleaning. If you are about to land a large fish that needs to be bled, pre-wet the floor to reduce staining. Use deck wash when fishing to clean bait, slime, blood & squid ink while in your vessel. While Deck Armour is very forgiving, it is a foam product & dragging heavy items such as esky’s & cooler’s etc… may result in damage to the Deck Armour.


Do not use on Deck Armour:

  • Solvents of any kind
  • Hull Cleaner
  • Acetone
  • Undiluted Bleach
  • Fuels (Petrol, Diesel and Oil)
  • Do not use knifes to cut directly on the Deck Armour.

Pressure Washers

Do not use high pressure water devices to clean your Deck Armour floor. While it may be effective, it may cause adhesion to let go.


As much as Deck Armour is a UV stable product designed to handle Australian conditions, it is subject to minor fading if left fully exposed for extended periods of time.

Deck Armour highly recommends the use of a boat cover or undercover storage to protect your boat & the Deck Armour floor. Minor colour fade from unprotected sun exposure is not covered in the warranty.


Light amplification is light that has been reflected & magnified by a surface within your boat.

Deck Armour is a UV rated product to handle Australian conditions. However, if light is being reflected & magnified by a surface within your boat, temperatures can well exceed the 70 degree temperature rating of Deck Armour. This will cause the Deck Armour to distort, release from the floor & may even turn black in some cases.

Problem areas to look out for are under windscreens, glass doors, & high reflective zones such as concave fibreglass, high gloss fibreglass panels & stainless steel close to the floor. (Please note: Light amplification can happen anywhere within your boat.)

If your vessel is moored at a marina fully exposed to the elements, extra care needs to be taken to ensure that light amplification does not occur. Extra care also needs to be taken in areas of Australia that have extreme temperatures to prevent light amplification. Light amplification can occur in less than 30mins in the right conditions.

Deck Armour will last longer if protected from the elements by using a boat cover or keeping your boat undercover in a shed or carport. Deck Armour will continue to perform to its maximum benefit when boat owners are vigilant in the care of their floors.

This is an example of sunlight magnified by the concave fibreglass surface into a focal point onto the floor.
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